Saturday, May 26, 2012

TAST 7: Detached Chain Stitch

As I neared the end of the chevron stitch sample, I had a revelation: I was not enjoying it. These are SAMPLES. They are supposed to be fun. I do NOT need to cram in as many stitches as could possibly fit.

So, for this one, I left lots of space, getting around twinges of horror vacui by placement and just plain being tired of fanatical cramming. And presto, it was more fun to do - for one thing, I think I just like detached chain stitch better. Also, as its other name of lazy daisy stitch indicates, it is great for flowers and I had just seen lots of lovely flowers on last weekend's hikes.

This is the clearest embroidery-inspirer; I knew what stitches were coming up (since I'm so behind!) and this little flower was perfect.

Take a Stitch Tuesday
- detached chain stitch page.


Unknown said...

Just love the purple flowers!

Phiala said...

That's lovely. I enjoy your tendency to space-filling, but my personal preference is for sparser compositions.

And flowers always go well.

Mr. Squigglez said...

Very Lovely!

I believe I see a legendary green unicorn caterpillar inching among the flowers.

Wish I saw flowers that nice on my hikes.