Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TAST 6: Chevron Stitch

One more down for this year's Take a Stitch Tuesday.

Chevron stitch is nice enough, but I liked herringbone better. Not enamored of the lavenderish background color. It's a really loose weave, so I held muslin against the back as I stitched. The weave was clear enough to help a bit to align the stitches, but yet again, this is a stitch that would potentially be more pleasing to execute on an evenweave fabric. Alas, my cleverness in preparing dozens of pre-cut bits of fabric may be at least partially in vain. I think I will end up needing a bunch of evenweave.

Least appealing color experiment yet...I've started the next TAST already and like it much better. It is heavily influenced by wildflowers from the hiking trip last weekend. More about both some day soon.

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