Friday, March 23, 2018

Lengthy Hiatus ~ Spring Restart

I was reminded why I didn't post the other times I'd tried; tonight, I persisted through a myriad of login attempts (drat, just which e-mail and which password did I use! and no, I do not want to set up a Blogger profile).

Much has happened, but things are finally settling down. I never found a house, but rent went up so much that I couldn't afford to stay renting if I wanted the luxury of space, a safe location, AND my own washer to do laundry at home (which is a luxury I had at my last apartment for the first time in my adult life). With downpayment help from my mom, I was able to get a small condo which is way better than I thought I'd end up with, and not only does it have a washer, but it has a garage and a view over a little greenspace! So with that, and being able to stay in the vicinity of where I've lived for almost 15 years, and the resulting hope for more life stability, my artistic witchy woods-yearning heart feels better than it has for years. Decompression will still take a while.

My cat adjusted so quickly.

A selectively edited view of my makeshift studio surface--the room is, in reality, still so very full of boxes. I try to look only at the table and at the large cedar tree outside.

I have ideas for a weaving post to do fairly soon; in the interim, I've been sharing recent art over on Instagram at