Friday, January 30, 2009

The Picture, and a Surprising Development

Here's the embroidery picture--between being extra busy at work (end of the month, and my supervisor is abroad) and forgetting to bring my flash drive, it seems to be taking me extra long to get around to doing any personal computer stuff.

The New Development: the apartment complex has just raised my rent. This I could handle; after all, largely due to their disorganization, I seem to have missed the last one. However, they have also decided to have us all billed for the utilities previously included in the rent (water, sewer, and garbage). This new bill, of course, is based on math and not on actual usage. I was pretty sure I knew what my decision was going to be, and then I talked to the apartment complex manager, and became completely certain: I am now officially House Hunting.

I am reasonably certain that the timing is due to the fact that I have nearly reached the state of minimum entropy, maximum efficiency of my current residence.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guess Who?

There has been an unintentially long hiatus, which I will not describe at the moment (my laptop informs me that 25 minutes remain in the battery). Lots of snow around Chrismtas made life a city that does not have a plan to deal with snow.

Last Sunday was the first meeting of the oil painting class Kim and I are taking--we got our supply lists, then went to Art Medie and bought lots of goodies (paints, containers, brushes). Our first hands-on class is tomorrow!

A few days ago, with a bit of desperation to work on *something* but not something requiring much of any thought, I started embroidering on one of the painted cloths from last month. Embellishing a painted surface goes way faster than embroidering everything!

Drat. It appears I cleverly did not actually save my scanned picture to my flash drive. I'll have to add it Monday.