Friday, October 31, 2008


I am afraid my blog is boring. I know what to do about it, too: 1.) do stuff, so I have stuff to post about; 2.) buy a digital camera so I can have three-dimensional pictures; and 3.) get Web access from home.

I will start by making a detailed list--particularly for the camera and Internet service provider.

"Doing stuff" will start happening again very soon, as in tomorrow, when I will be taking a sculptural vessel class with Susan Gallacher-Turner. I got to see some of her pieces at an Open Studio a few weeks ago, and I really love her aesthetic--shrines and book forms and things that open and things that have every surface, front and back, painted, patinaed (sp?) and otherwise adorned. I just had trouble imagining fitting one in my tiny apartment, sigh.

In general life--I did not manage to avoid getting sick, but as of yesterday I may have begun to actually get healthy. I sincerely hope. My supervisor is back after a four-month stint abroad (yay for his return!) which makes a big difference in a department of two people, him and me.

I am finishing up a pumpkin spice latte at Ava Roasteria. It is probably not a good idea to have 16 oz. of caffeine at this time of day, but nyah nyah, I am doing it anyway. I will then do my grocery shopping in a fully-caffeinated state, which will hopefully last until after I get home and unpack my groceries, because tonight, really, I WILL clean off the accumulated detritus covering almost every square inch of my project table. Much as I love my hordes of Interesting Stuff, there is something even more inspiring about an expanse of Empty Table. It is my theory that the Art Part of the brain thinks, "Ooh, look at all that space! I could put all sorts of stuff there." That is much better than, "If I moved all the stuff, I'd have room to do something."

I know this, really. Why is it so hard to put it--and keep it--in practice?

My latte is about half done, and the caffeine is definitely in action; off I go to the grocery store...I even have a list.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Marvelous Meteorological Moment, and Other Random Bits

One of the days last week that I was home early from work (sick) there occurred the splendid situation of rain in front of my apartment, and sunshine behind. Delightful!

Last week was odd, some of it in a good way. I enjoyed two work-related training sessions given by Pete Mento (and I mean it; entertaining as well as informative--but I am going to send him an e-mail with incontrovertible proof that Europe did, indeed, have silk long before Marco Polo's famed voyage).

I may have avoided getting completely sick.

My car developed Serious Issues which led to procuring the services of a tow truck--preemptively. I have already been stranded alongside the road twice this year, and that is really quite enough. (Now my car has a new alternator, and is much happier.)

Saturday, after picking up my car, I had a fancy coffee and went to hear Widdershins play, which was a lot of fun.

Sunday I went out for cupcakes with friends, and was compelled to accompany them to Powell's.

There has been but little playing with string--just spinning the fabulous painted roving--and, spurred by envy of the friends taking a 4-day weekend, I have come to the conclusion that I won't make it to Thanksgiving without a break. At least if I don't want to spend this Thanksgiving sick.

Final bit of excitement: I managed to get the cell phone activated, a mere week after purchasing it. I promise not to talk and drive. It is a very cute little device, but I'm still fonder of my mp3 player.

Now, back to being overwhelmed at work.