Friday, October 23, 2009

Delinquent Update

I have been doing things, really.

Firstly, a view from my window:

And here's a picture of the supplies for the newest project, and a picture of its beginning. I'm embroidering on Osnaburg, because I wanted cloth loose enough to accomodate a lot of stitching. I pulled out some warp and weft threads, too. So far it's working out okay, except that for some stitches I have to sew a lot of background first--otherwise french knots just pop on through to the back.

And lastly, here's something else I recently retrieved from dormancy. I seem to have done enough embroidery in the interim that working on this seemed fast. It's mainly in split stitch.

I think if I get around to posting more often (such as after I actually, for real, get internet access at home) I am going to have to find a different blog publisher, because this one is strongly indifferent to my idea of formatting.