Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't faint...'s a post. I've been busy, doing things and going places.

To begin, a picture from a while ago of an embroidery I started a longer while ago; the picture's kind of dark (I have since become more familiar with my camera).

As to what else I've been doing with my time--lots of hiking trips recently. This last weekend I went to Crater Lake. My photography guru was appalled that I had, er, basically never uploaded my photos. Here is documentary proof that I have now done so:

There will be lots more once I get them sorted out--Crater Lake is beautiful, and I took full advantage of the capacity of the digital camera by taking copious photos with different settings, and never running out of film! Zoom lens is great, too. At some point I'll probably set up a Flickr account to post more pictures.