Monday, May 12, 2008

A bit of drawing, and more embroidery.

Last Friday was hectic, and I never managed to post this picture I scanned to prove that I *did* work on some drawing Thursday night:

Nothing too memorable about the weekend aside from attending a very sociable drum circle. I did a bunch of resting, let Princess in and out from numerous balcony patrols, and on Sunday worked on this embroidery, which I started a month or more ago. It is to provide me with a visual reminder of positive female energy. The colors didn't scan very well; they are not even remotely murky! I really need to get a digital camera...

Friday, May 2, 2008

More Tidbits.

Last weekend I also worked on this, an embroidery I charted a few years ago from a picture in Embroidered Textiles by Sheila Paine. It was so long ago I don't know what I was trying to do (I have a suspicion it involved an attempt at ludicrously small cross stitch with a sharp needle).
And this is the current state of the partridge & the pomegranate tree (hee hee!) I liked the tiny pomegranates so much that I made another, bigger one. That fabric is a random home decor fabric I picked up a few weeks ago, with the idea of embroidering a wall hanging.

A couple of days ago, when my laptop arrived, my latest book order did, too. I opened everything, then sat next to the laptop and perused the books, two books about the artist Remedios Varo: Unexpected Journey and The Magic of Remedios Varo, a book that I hadn't actually seen before--it is the first time I succumbed to the Amazon "look what other people bought!" link...Ooh, the pictures! "Okay," I thought, "I need to get over this not painting/drawing thing." Inspired, before long I had cleared most of the string stuff off my working table. I sat down and...embroidered. Moral: Get pieces of nice paper ready. (I didn't have to hunt for the embroidery, it was right there...)