Thursday, April 19, 2012

TAST 2: Buttonhole Stitch

A little behind on this post - I finished the embroidery (buttonhole stitch) on April 8. In the meantime - no more embroidery, but I do have a lot of pieces of fabric cut to size (4x6) so I won't get sidetracked on that. Probably.

The colors are way off; the green should be more yellow-y, and the mauve isn't (it should be light orange). Parts of this are okay; I like the circle at the top right (I traced a thimble), and I liked the vertical embroidery on the orange rectangle until I added the darker over it. It came out kind of crowded. The patterns could work if I actually marked them instead of trying to do them freehand. Using evenweave fabric would help that,too.


Phiala said...

I like it.

Do you think it helps your planning to be accumulating a library of samples with notes on what you do and don't like?

Ælfswyđ said...

Hmm. I haven't really thought about it that way; I suppose it could happen. I have to do things "wrong" a bunch of times before I start remembering - and with approx. 50 samples to go, that's plenty of space for errors, aka learning experiences.

I've mainly been thinking of it as a way to get myself working on stuff on a regular basis; small, finite things with something of an imposed structure. Ideas and practice will just sort of percolate over to other things - when I worked on another sample recently emerged from dormancy, I ended up using fly-stitch, which I wouldn't have before.

And eventually I'll have a whole stack of nifty little things, and feel all accomplished.

Phiala said...

You've got the samples, and you're making notes on the blog about each with its photo, so you've already got the hard part done. Ready searchable electronic reference!

Guess what showed up at my PO Box today? I'd given up on ever seeing that box again.

Ælfswyđ said...

"Ready searchable electronic reference!"
Or, "Why Laura wants to blog more often!"

"Guess what showed up at my PO Box today?"
Not the errant silk?!