Sunday, April 1, 2012

TAST 1: Fly Stitch

Last time I mentioned that I had belatedly encountered Sharon B's Take a Stitch Tuesday and felt compelled to trail along behind. Today I finished the first one, fly stitch.

It's on blue linen, two scraps pieced together and stitched with DMC. The purple really doesn't show well on my monitor (#814) and the cloth itself is really a bit darker. I think some of the pattern attempts would work better on evenweave fabric; I do like using fly stitch for plant-like things. (I opted for a slightly worse photo with slightly better color; may try re-photographing if I get energetic.)

And a bonus picture from a walk a few weeks ago - I wish the stalks/stems hadn't been in the way, but otherwise I really like the colors, especially in the ripples:

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