Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Project Table

Thanks to Sarah for posting the link to Terri Windling's series of pictures of people's desks--I love seeing how other people set things up. A touch of voyeurism, I suppose, coupled with dosages of "oh, I'd like that" and "oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one that ends up like that." My personal best example: realizing I was just about to set a dish of inky water on top of a piece of velvet. It would be nice to have two work surfaces...and a large enough space that I could not reach both from the same seat. I have more space in my new apartment, but two work surfaces...not feasible at the moment.

Here is my project table--which looked radically different about an hour later, as I removed the embroidery stratum to provide access to the painting stratum.

A bit closer, with the embroidery on top of the weaving notes on top of the sketchbook (and a glimpse of my new little haworthia in the background):

There was a spot of sun today. I took a few photos of the charming feline; this is the only one where she was looking out intently. In the other photos she was obviously sitting there with her eyes closed!


Unknown said...

Good to see you've got the necessary thing - a plant or two!

I have a desk for painting/calligraphy, and use the couch/coffee table for embroidery - all safely seperated. An ink spill on embroidery doesn't bear thinking about...... :-)

Laura said...

Coffee table...that would help! Also better light. I might have room for a coffee table in this apartment, but for the moment I'm resisting acquiring furniture a bit longer. A coffee table would keep books off the futon and off the floor.


Plants, yes. All the plants are in my studio, except a few that overwinter outdoors, because the studio faces south (and the living room faces north). Get this: in my apartment complex, it is against the rules to have more than three plants! Oh yes, said the manager when I inquired, everyone notices that. ? Apparently it is de facto okay to have more than three, but if you cause a Mold Problem you are in trouble. Most of my plants are tiny succulents, so I should be safe, despite the fact that I am 6 or 7 times over the legal limit.

Unknown said...

What kind of stupid rule is that??
Plants are good for us. They release oxygen, and make us happy.

One of my carers used to sell succulents, and she's been bringing different odd varieties in lovely pots. Some in tiny pots.

I *definitely* exceed the rule of 3!

Succulents are handy, because they seem to survive without much sunshine, which I don't really get in the flat.

I say - go for it! Be a rebel! *grin*

I was trying to comment on your most recent entry, but the blogger wouldn't let me.

I was going to say - a lovely piece of embroidery and so well researched!