Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Small Luxuries

The torturously long saga of relocation has concluded. I'm reasonably settled in the new apartment--it has been well over a month now--and it has turned out to be a little quicker to unpack in a larger space.

Decadence: I'm sitting here in my pajamas with a glass of wine, online, doing laundry. (Firstly, my compulsive detail-oriented self, with twinges lingering from my upbringing, compels me to clarify that it is less than 1/4 glass of wine, otherwise I would fall asleep.)

*I now have internet access at home for the first time ever (whoah). This has made it plain that my inherited laptop is not up to the exigencies of web surfing and that I will have to upgrade sooner than I planned.

*I also have my own washer, so I can do laundry without quarters, and wearing whatever I want. (I didn't even like wearing my pajamas in public when I was in college.)

*I also now have a second bedroom, aka the studio, which is full of ingredients for projects. They're not all in there, but most of them are. And even though I kind of wince every time I call it a studio, I keep practicing. (I feel like I have not made enough stuff in the past few years to warrant a "studio." I'd be fine calling it a "project room" but if I think I want to feel comfortable calling myself an artist without wincing, I need to get used to having a studio.)

Two pictures: er, make that one. Trying to upload two caused my computer to shut off. So, one picture, being the Finnish style embroidery, at its latest iteration (I haven't worked on it in months, and I'm starting to be interested in it again).

Meanwhile, time to hang up my laundry.


Unknown said...

I hope that your cat settles in well. Has he/she got another balconey?

A room just for art/craft! Fabulous!

And on-line at home!

Hoping to hear from you more often :-)

Phiala said...

I approve of wine and pajamas and internet! Not that you require my approval of course; think of it as (im)moral support. :)

And hooray for studio space! It is your studio, and having a space for inspiration does make a difference. I've managed to completely trash mine over the past few months, but the temporal and physical chaos will be subsiding soon. I hope.

Laura said...

Kitty is well settled in--and yes, she has a balcony. It seems to be as good as the last one.

Yay for immoral support. Tonight it's for beer. (My favorite: Blue Moon Belgian white.)

Space definitely helps...the chaos here is receding. I find there's a fine line between inspiring chaos and discouraging chaos.

Unknown said...

May your new chaos be inspiring (and continue to recede!)