Friday, July 2, 2010

July (?)

I was up very early this morning (pre-dawn feline hairball emission cleanup services required). Eventually I gave up trying to get back to sleep, and got up--I put on two sweatshirts (does the calendar really say July?)(is it correct?) and worked on some embroidery until it was time to go to work. Here's the embroidery I was working on--though the picture is now out of date! Also two little "quick" projects I recently started because obviously I need some new projects to work on in between packing boxes to move. (I gave up on a house--even renting is too expensive--and picked an apartment.)

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Phiala said...

You found a place? Hooray! Even if it isn't a house... (See, if you move to central Pennsylvania, housing is so much more affordable.)

I am so looking forward to Complex Weavers, except for the part where my class isn't ready yet!