Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Here's a look at the latest spindleful of yarn--I'm trying to overtwist the singles enough that I can ply it. It's the most delectable fiber I've ever spun--50% alpaca, 30% Merino, 20% silk from Abstract Fibers. I got it at the Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby over a year ago. I'm spinning it on my favorite spindle, which I got from Magpie Woodworks six or so years ago at the Taos Wool Festival. (I also have one of his tapestry beaters, and I *love* it.)

Back to the fiber. It is delightfully bright in a roving--but what sold me on this colorway was the fact that, due to optical color mixing, you eventually end up with russet shades.

In the meantime, I am enjoying winding it on the spindle in a color-coordinated manner.

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