Friday, October 23, 2009

Delinquent Update

I have been doing things, really.

Firstly, a view from my window:

And here's a picture of the supplies for the newest project, and a picture of its beginning. I'm embroidering on Osnaburg, because I wanted cloth loose enough to accomodate a lot of stitching. I pulled out some warp and weft threads, too. So far it's working out okay, except that for some stitches I have to sew a lot of background first--otherwise french knots just pop on through to the back.

And lastly, here's something else I recently retrieved from dormancy. I seem to have done enough embroidery in the interim that working on this seemed fast. It's mainly in split stitch.

I think if I get around to posting more often (such as after I actually, for real, get internet access at home) I am going to have to find a different blog publisher, because this one is strongly indifferent to my idea of formatting.


Phiala said...

Blog because it's fun, not because you feel guilty about it. :)

I really like the photo of all the supplies. And the associated embroidery will be lovely when it grows up.

What does Princess think of the squirrel?

Laura said...

FUN. That's it. Right. ;)

I think I end up feeling overloaded by all the things I think about posting but never get around to.

Embroidery update will happen soon--funny you should have used the term "grows up," because the embroidery is actually going to be wild crazy flowers.

As for Princess and the squirrel--she does not deign to notice squirrels unless they venture onto the balcony. Out of reach, out of interest.

Phiala said...

I think I end up feeling overloaded by all the things I think about posting but never get around to.

Yeah, that. :) But if you aren't getting something out of it, don't do it.

Though of course I like having you blogging.

Laura said...

"Though of course I like having you blogging."

:) You were the final inspiration for me getting started--I enjoy seeing your projects, and wanted to share mine. "Look, Sarah, me too!"

Even the few posts I've managed to publish make a nice record of incremental progress of the sort that I otherwise don't notice.

Theodosia Pixietwist said...

ooh, the colours are just yummy. I think the pixies will approve :) You are so talented. Keep up the bloggin' and the projects!

Unknown said...

Very nice face (great close up photo on clicking)