Thursday, April 16, 2009

Medieval Weaving Tools!

* Edit July 7, 2013: this page seems to get a lot of hits, so I've finally added pictures and updates.

I just visited Isis & Machteld's wonderful blog Medieval Silkwork where Isis posted a manuscript illustration showing a bobbin-winding tool. (Check it out, Sarah!)

* Here is the direct link to the post about the bobbin winders: Winding Up Part II

There is something very similar in a painting in the National Gallery, London: Penelope with the Suitors, by PINTORICCHIO c. 1509. I've been meaning to make a test version for some time, except I mainly think of it when I am in immediate need of winding a bobbin, so I end up using my rotary drill instead of building a new tool.

* Small version of Penelope (follow the link to the National Gallery for a large one): (pending)

* My bobbin-winding setup: (also pending; I think something is up with Blogger)

I spotted Penelope's bobbin-winder a year or two ago when I was poring over the pages of Broudy's "Book of Looms," looking for tape looms. That hunt was inspired by finding this Bandwirkerrahmen in the wonderful collection of Bildindex der Kunst und Architektur. (I don't seem to be able to link directly to the image, but you can copy & paste "Bandwirkerrahmen" into the search box.)

* I can't find where I'm sure I downloaded it, and today Bildindex doesn't allow that; hopefully the permalink above really is permanent. But here is a picture of a similar, though less fancy, tape loom being used: (also pending because Blogger won't load it; I'm stopping for today...)

On a similar note, while reading "The Unicorn Tapestries" by Margaret B. Freeman I spotted a few small looms; one was this one--another Penelope, this time at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. It is a tapestry from the late 1400's. (Search collections for "Penelope.")

Once my house hunt reaches a successful conclusion, I envision more space for tools and making tools. And more space for bookshelves! :)

* Still no house, and I officially gave up last year. :( I did move to a larger apartment, but I've strenuously resisted expanding the bookshelf situation in case I have to move back to a smaller one.

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