Friday, March 27, 2009

Retroactive Posting

Battery issues etc. and not getting around to posting even when I happened to remember to bring the flash drive...not helped by still not having internet at home. Which now I'm not going to set up until I moved, which of course predicated upon finding someplace to move to. So far the house hunting rule seems to be:

I like a place: and:
it is too small, it needs work, I can't afford it, and/or it is not in a location I like

I obviously just need a lot more money.

Back when the painting class was going to start, I had a quandary about what to pick. I decided on a pomegranate, and then found out Kim was thinking of doing that, and I decided of course I needed to do something different. (Like somehow different pomegranates painted by different people wouldn't be different.) I decided on an artichoke, and then Sarah posted about artichokes, so I knew I'd picked the right thing. Right. Here are some artichoke paintings so you can get an idea of the technique:

By the time my artichoke had finished serving as model/muse, it was rather too desiccated to be eaten. It lasted a surprisingly long time!


Phiala said...

Hm. Looks just like an artichoke. If I did it, it would be a green blob with spikes. :)

Bronx River Marla said...

I love it! I don't know what it looks like in real life, but on the screen, the artichoke appears to float in space in front of the canvas. But where are the eyes and smiley face? (I guess only I'd put those on my artichoke, or on anything else I'd draw, but I don't draw, so I really shouldn't comment, except that's what I'm doing, ok I'll stop now.)