Monday, July 14, 2014

Paintings Proceed

First, documentary evidence of stripy windowsill kitty this afternoon the afternoon of July 6:

(My internet service has been PAINFULLY unresponsive for ages, but tonight it's back! To stay, I hope. Was it because of the World Cup?)

Next, paintings 3-7 of the 100 Paintings project--because I have decided I will publish all of them, even the bad less-appealing ones:

This one was inspired by the henna design I had on my arm a while back. I *really* like the background, but I was initially unenthralled with the painting because it didn't work like I envisioned. After not seeing it for a while I like it better. Acrylic paint with white gel pen for the outline.

This was my henna done by Roving Horse Henna:

...and I guess I'm done tonight after all; despite things generally behaving, pictures are v-e-r-y s-l-o-w. More paintings next time!


Unknown said...

oh, pooey net connection!
I love the background of the picture - that ochre and the texture, against the stylisation of the henna design.
Cats are all determined to work on their suntans, aren't they! That's what I always say to one of my boys when I find him on a sunny windowsill. I just wish I could fit on a windowsill - they look so lovely and warm. (It's the middle of winter here)

Laura said...

It's actually a shiny copper! I had trouble even getting it to photograph as well as it did. Layers and layers; it was fun. It got to where I liked it, and I kept going...oops...and eventually I liked it again, and that time I stopped.