Saturday, June 9, 2012

TAST 10: Running Stitch (and other tidbits)

Trilobite speeding through clear, still water:

I decided I had no actual desire to experiment with making running stitch decorative; I wanted to draw with it. I much prefer the samples that are pictures, especially when they are so fast - this is another one-day wonder! It would have been just as fast and a bit more satisfactory if I'd drawn the trilobite outline. (This seems to be a theme.)

Take a Stitch Tuesday has, as always, marvelous examples. I've tried the pattern darning before; maybe I'll do a threaded running stitch another time. I think that to be more inspired to do decorative seam things, I'd actually need some seams to decorate - it might work to pre-make a pieced item, and decorate it. (Not this TAST, however!)

The camera decided on the murky brown all by itself; actually, the fabric is a nice chocolate color. I love the camera, but I need to figure out some way to photograph my stuff how *I* want. NOT how the camera decides. It has to learn to like photographing art and projects as much as it likes photographing nature.

So, a recap of the first nine; with lots of colors, the camera is forced to acknowledge that what it sees is really what is there.

The delightful tulip tree (liriodendron tulipifera) outside my third-floor studio window:

I highly recommend this tree if you have room for it. Just don't plant it near where you park your car - it produces prodigious amounts of sticky sap and flings it everywhere.

And one more random tidbit: a tuber duck!

(If there are barnacle geese, there can certainly be tuber ducks.)


Kim Switzer said...

I love the variegated thread trilobite! I love that thread, too. What is it? And the tuber duck is awesome!

Laura said...

Thanks, Kim!

The thread is DMC 4130. I love the colors, too, and have hardly used it.