Monday, August 3, 2009

Something Finished!

Last night, I finally finished a sample/project I started less than three years ago:
It is a paramecium doily.

How did that happen, you may ask.

I had some variegated embroidery floss I was itching to use. I looked about for a scrap of cloth, and lo, there was a scrap of blue linen a clever friend had used as giftwrap. The scrap of linen was vaguely reminiscent of a paisley, and I think paisleys are like paramecia. Obvious, yes?

The really time-consuming part was the obsessive needle-lace buttonholing around the edge. Around and around and around...


Mr Squigglez said...

I want to watch it divide in two.

Laura said...

I'm afraid that is unlikely to occur. Paramecium doilia is a domestic protozoan, and only replicates by a time-consuming process of needlework, not by fission. Scissors would therefore kill it.

Phiala said...

But if you leave it alone in a dark corner, perhaps it will divide on its own.

I'm afraid I don't know if the fission process would be enhanced or inhibited by cat hair.

It is of course wildly cute - biology AND fiber arts!