Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sculptural Vessel

I had a good time at the Sculptural Vessel class, using materials I don't have at home to end up with something I wouldn't have made in the usual course of events--good reasons to take a class. I still prefer string, of course (it doesn't bite), but metal screen does have characteristics which commend it for further consideration.

Susan Gallacher-Taylor posted a picture of us with our creations on her blog. I'm center front with my vegetable/fruit/bulb/plant thing (I was not in the mood for hemming and hawing about how to fit everyone in the picture, so I set the example of Volunteering To Be Short).

I would be one of the "mystified" students. Saturday evening I finally realized what bothered me about my object: I can see through it. (Duh, it's copper mesh.) I figured it out after I thought it would be improved by the addition of fabric and stitching. (No strings, Laura. It's metal, and you want to put a candle in it, remember.) I added a few more dangly bits, but it still needs beads, and probably more gold leaf. All in all, now that I've had a few days to get used to [seeing through] it, I quite like the overall shape. But if I do it again, it will involve string!


Phiala said...

That's very cool, and the class sounded like much fun. It's good to get outside your comfort zone now and then.

And now, back to writing and watching election returns.

Unknown said...