Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Maunderings.

I am not ready for Monday, but here it is anyway--close to finished, too, which is a relief.

I worked on random things this weekend, mostly non-scannable, like fixing the drape on my fencing mask prior to a demo on Saturday and taking undoing the bit of weaving I'd started a week or so ago. (I'd been a bit impatient & the warp wasn't evenly tensioned.)

The demo (for the Salem, OR branch of the SCA) was fun--even though it was 20 degrees hotter than usual; rather hot to be active dressed like this, but we survived. (Picture by Kim; taken last year at May Crown.) My doublet is getting too small across the shoulders, which I greatly lament. :( I love wearing it, but I did NOT love making it.

After I finally got home on Saturday, and ran errands, and took allergy medication, I sat and read with my cat. Sunday I did work on something scannable:

Well, I've actually avoided maundering, which is something of a feat. Is it Friday yet?


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Your birdie is coolth (without looking up 'coolth' in the dictionary and just assuming it means cool from the context of the statement from the book)
(I'm babbling, I'm tired - I've been up since 2.30am transferring the new embroidery pattern onto the linen)