Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Progress

The chaos reigning in my apartment has been reconfigured once again, with moderate improvements. I'm still waiting for the bookcase I ordered at the end of January.

Progress on the white embroidery sampler--it is getting very crazy; what works and what doesn't are very apparent. Aside from issues resulting from not using an embroidery frame (which would be a good thing when using such a variety of stitches/stitch tensions), having the central pod "shaded" and the rest monochromatic isn't working; too much business.

Over the weekend I finished this little embroidery sample I charted from a reliquary purse: The purse itself is in the fantastic database of the Royal Institute for the Study and Conservation of Belgium's Artistic Heritage--note that although the search form is in English, you have to search in Dutch or French. "Beurs" is pouch.

Sarah, what technique do you think was used to make this delightful item?

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Phiala said...

"chaos reconfiguration" - what a lovely phrase. That's what I need to do, reconfigure my chaos. Eliminating it is too much to ask for, but giving it different form I think I can manage!

Your reminder of the purse museum is very timely - we talked at great length about medieval textiles and their uses in the car on the way back from Ice Dragon, and decided that Nick's new favor will take the form of one of these small bags, tapestry-woven rather than embroidered. Plans got wildly more complex from there - it will be interesting to see what I actually manage to accomplish.

As for your puzzler, I don't know!