Friday, January 18, 2008


There will be a moderate hiatus while I have a week of vacation (!!!) because of no e-mail at home. Since I've hardly started here, I presume the hiatus will be nearly imperceptible. Since I vow to be organized (making lists as Sarah suggests--I have even written things on lists that are already done, so I can have something to cross off)--since I will be organized, I will have Project Progress to report, and I will scan in flat things so there will be more pictures. Maybe part of my shopping will be for the digital camera I didn't buy yet; first, however, a phone & a toaster oven. And since I recently was swept along with the guys & said sure, I'll buy a long hickory staff too, I probably should buy more string to balance that out. For extra legitimization, I will first use some of the goodies I got at Stringpage Supplies and make some more fingerloop braiding samples. (If I'm using string up, it's okay to add to the stash.) (New string for inspiration, you know, and it wouldn't do to run out, after all.) (And you can never really have too much string, even though it seems like it when you live in a smallish apartment, but string takes up very little space, really, for how much fun it is.)

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