Friday, January 4, 2008

Second Post

January 3, 2008

Here is the picture, somewhat more intensely-colored than in actuality:

I really must do the “real” Project before long...

Last night (that would be Wednesday, due to internet-access lag) I finished spinning the last of the two ounces of mohair I bought in Santa Fe on my 30th birthday consolation trip. I decided that it would be good if I'd actually get it made into something before I turn 40, and that time is coming sooner than I realize. Or rather I realize it, but wonder how it got to be that close. (I know, I know, one day at a time...) That time-warp effect has recently entered another phase of Heightened Awareness, due to the relatively large percentage of my immediate family who are in reproductive mode. I must remind myself that I'm making Art (and Projects), not babies. And I have an adorable cat. Eventually there will be an inordinate number of pictures of my cat. (I'm practicing, in order to have Cat stories to retaliate with against Baby stories.)

I'm contemplating launching a new Project: fingerloop braids. I know how to make the basic 5-loop one, but it would be most excellent to test out a few more, as well as timely, since I just got a batch of enticing string from Stringpage Supplies. (Purple, lime green,, linen and rayon delights.) Other fingerloop information: Phiala's String Page (under braiding), Sample Fingerlooped Braids from a 15th Century Ms (the pictures don't load for some reason, but there is a nice bibliography). I also have a copy of The Compleat Anachronist #108 (the authors have a webpage with numerous links, as well as errata for the publication). And the marvelous website On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics has an excerpt from Natura Exenterata, published in 1655, which excerpt includes a section on “laces.” It's worth looking at just for the title page. (This is available in a transcription on the fingerloop webpage.)

Because I can effortlessly make anything infinitely more complicated, I'm probably going to print the fingerloop braid section of Natura Exenterata in such a way that I can bind it into a cute little pamphlet. At the same time, I can also dismantle my copy of the The Compleat Anachronist #108, and re-bind it with the errata.


Phiala said...

The blog name is fine, but you're going to have to work on catchy post titles!

And don't forget, for the fingerloop project, not only do you have to bind the directions into a booklet, you need to sew samples of each braid below the appropriate directions. That's how the Victorian pattern books are done. There's one on the V&A web site somewhere (I think), but I'm too lazy to look it up.

Congrats on starting the blog!

Laura said...

Thanks--and also for the timely suggestion! I will print out Natura Extenerata in a different way, so I can attach my samples. Even if it is easier than my first idea. ;)

I was just looking at the V&A the other day--search the collections at and type "purse" to find the book (purse strings). Lovely handwriting.

Kim said...

Psst...your latest post seems to be without a comments link. And I wanted to comment! :)