Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rampant Destruction

I'm trying to work on my titles, as per special request. Largely I believe it will just be better to think of them when I'm not tired.

The rampant destruction happened Friday. I spontaneously demolished the interior of a cassette storage unit. (Well, I've planned on doing it for ages, but The Moment came upon me suddenly.) This resulted in a large, shallow box ready to be converted into a storage shelf for things like bottles of ink--this will reduce the condition "out of sight, out of mind."

Saturday evening a few of us went out to hear Painted Hags play, which was fun--rock versions of traditional/Celtic songs--with an electric harp thrown into the mix! Also very very loud. I don't think my ears will ever comfortably tolerate live rock, which is unfortunate.

Sunday I unintentionally sorted/filed a bunch of papers (gasp) and got a start on my copy of Natura Exenterata by printing out and folding all the signatures. Though the fingerloop braids section is rather short, I was able to stretch it out to four signatures by including a few blank sheets at the beginning and the end (like a "real" book) and printing only on one side (so I can sew in my samples--thanks to Sarah for the reminder!) I'm pretty sure I will need to go shopping to find the right sort of paper for the cover, but I'll be good and look through my paper stash first.

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Phiala said...

Oh good, comments have reappeared! It's kind of a pain getting everything set up just so, isn't it?

I like "Rampant destruction" much better than "Third post". :)