Thursday, January 10, 2008

Knitting Revelation

I must confess that I had to resist calling it "knitting ravelation."

This morning I sat down (an anomaly in my life) to finish breakfast with a toasty warm lap kitty. It was right next to Knitting Project #2, which has been interminably long, probably an indication of disinterest. It was intended to be a little pouch, like Knitting Project #1, inspired by (and not remotely like) a knitted reliquary pouch I saw at an SCA event. However, Knitting Project #2, while better in color selection (based purely on available remnants), slowly decreased in interest, about the time I realized the proportions were somewhat elongated to be a little pouch, and that it would be much cooler if it were a sock.

Last weekend, looking at this persistently unfinished thing, which I don't really want to unravel, I realized I could make it into a sock, even if I didn't have enough yarn for a second sock (which doesn't matter since my two-color knitting drew in considerably and I'm sure I couldn't get it on). I could make a practice sock, and if I ever needed to store my ill-gotten gains under the mattress, I would have a nice, sturdy (though somewhat irregular) sock to use for the purpose.

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