Thursday, January 3, 2008

Inaugural Post

January 1, 2008

I wanted to come up with a splendid name for my first blog, but settled for functional.

This year I hope to focus on creating work; the first step will be creating a plan. Over the year and a half or so since I graduated I haven't made Art, but I have at least been working on Projects. Some of these are of course related to potential Art, and some of them are just for fun, and that really is okay. Fun is one of the things I have to work on.

I've had a bit more practice calling myself an artist, though it still feels peculiar, because for most of my life I thought of my stuff as Projects. One of my imminent Projects is organizing my work space; another is decorating. (I think of my apartment as a studio apartment; more about that at a later date.) I'm basically a mixed media artist, which I define as doing what I feel like doing—in art jargon: the concept determines the technique.

There will be a bit of a lag with posts for some time, as I only last year stumbled into the 20th century when a friend gave me a refurbished computer he'd fixed up for me; soon I hope to get my computer set up in a spot more conducive to extended use. At that point I will sign up for internet service. It will be very exciting to have internet access at home! (Says she who doesn't have a television.) Part of “conducive to extended use” means “no more kneeling at the keyboard.”

I will close with a picture of a sample I made a while back (I didn't label it, drat!). It's for a Project, though I suppose that in a few generations that Project could eventually evolve into a piece of Art. It's watercolor paper with watercolor and some water soluble crayon, shiny gel pen (which doesn't show), needle lace & embroidery, and a bead.

Hmm. Or maybe I won't. I transported my little entry on my flash drive, and in the conversion from the file type my home computer uses to the one my work computer uses, the picture turned into a little tiny orange square.


Kim said...

Yay! You did it! Looking forward to reading more. As for the file transport--if you transport the picture separately, as a .jpeg, then it should be okay. Of course, you probably already knew that... :)

Laura said...

I hadn't articulated it that clearly, but that's what take 2 is going to amount to. I might get to it tonight, since I'll have the computer on--it's on a LOT these days since my CD player began chronically malfunctioning.