Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving & Indigo

On Thanksgiving I was grateful for the usual things - family and friends, having a job that pays for books and food and a place to live and internet access - but also that I still have kitty. We had a couple of very bad days.

The shibori class is now over. I barely managed it, but I did end up with a narrow length of handwoven which is now turned blue and patterned.

Stitched and tied:

Dyed, not quite dry:
Untied and unstitched (but not yet rinsed; the color will lighten slightly - and the color is *not* accurate; it is definitely dark blue, not black):

I also dyed some of the same cotton yarn so that I will have matching yarn to make a hanging braid; part of this is going to be a small wall hanging. The rest will be assorted very small things, yet to be determined.


Kim Switzer said...

Aw...tuffet kitty! (I know it's not really a tuffet, but that sounds better than footstool kitty).

The handwoven looks blue on my screen, though not as blue as in person of course. I love how bright blue it looked when it was "dyed, not quite dry."

Phiala said...

The shibori is lovely, and scritch the kitten for me.

Karren Brito's Shibori book is one of the best explanations available of using Lanaset dyes, incidentally. And nearly enough to inspire me to try it myself. :)

Phiala said...

Oh! In checking the spelling of the author's name, I discovered she has a chemistry PhD.

That would explain why it is so thorough, AND why I like it so much.