Thursday, November 10, 2011

I don't care if Wednesday's blue... least if it's because of indigo.

Here are a couple pieces from last night. They all spent about the same amount of time in the vat; the color difference is because they are different types of fabric.

Squares - okay; circles - okay; but the triangles really tweak my horror vacui gene.

This is the sample handwoven - I *really* like it. Too bad it's so small...and wish me luck that I can get some more woven in time for the final class next week.

Food again. If you like kiwi fruit, you should try kiwi berries. They taste like kiwis, they look like kiwis, but they're only this big!

(Meet Antler Man; I don't believe he has appeared here before, but he gets around. While you're there, take a look around at some of the great photos. Not by me, just to be clear.)


Elmsley Rose said...

Kiwi *berries* - oh yum. I love a just under-ripe Kiwi fruit.

I ordered my set of Elizabethan wools from Rennaissance Wools yesterday and got a set of Woad dyed wools as well. A friend had gotten a set of the Woads, and was just ecstatic about them!
So I'll be seeing my first veg-dyed wools soon! :-)

Kim Switzer said...

I like the handwoven, too! And, of course, the appearance by Miss Princess. She seems to be examining your work. Did she give you a passing grade? :D

Laura said...

Have fun with your wools, Elmsley Rose!

Kim - no, Princess did not give me a passing grade; she departed quickly instead of reclining on it. She does not approve of the odor of indigo.

Phiala said...

The handwoven is gorgeous.

It looks like I didn't put the Albuquerque photos of Antler Man on Flickr. I shall have to remedy that.

Elmsley Rose said...

...but on Friday I'm in love.
(The Cure).

Thanks for the good wishes on my blog :-)

Laura said...

Super belated response - I was tickled you got my reference. I actually MIS-quoted The Cure but I had to use Wednesday since I wasn't writing on Monday. :)