Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today I have been knitting my brows at work (figuratively only, don't worry) but a few weeks ago I managed to finish a knitting project that has languished for (and this is literal) several years:
Part of the reason I stopped working on it was that I realized at some point I was really disappointed that it wasn't a sock. Additionally, I'd messed around with stripes too long at the top, so by the time I got to the little pattern I'd charted, the proportions were really odd. Parts of the final result are quite satisfactory, but overall--no.

I pondered several ways of addressing the issue, including felting the pouch, but I wasn't sure I'd like the results.

Then it occurred to me to just unravel it. Yes, the whole thing. That pleased me somehow--I'll unknit all of it, then start over, and do it "right." So by the time you see this, imagine numerous little balls of mismatched yarn!


Elmsley Rose said...

Well - I think it looks great!

Laura said...

Thanks--but I have to say it doesn't look as good in real life. ;)