Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The hiatus was unintentional; I've been extra busy at work (well, it seems that way because my supervisor is still overseas) and although I've been working on stuff, I haven't had the extra energy to scan it for a post, because pictures are important.

By the end of the month (I have to get moving!) I want to have:
1) a digital camera
2) internet access at home

Last month the highlight was spending several days with Sarah at the Complex Weavers Conference. I had a few additional days off when I got back, and did the last few missing stitches to complete the interminable White Embroidery, huzzah!

As well as working on embroidery bits--at some point I was seized by the urge to finish projects that have been languishing in limbo--I've also woven a bunch on my loom, even though it interferes with my cat's preferred sleep patterns, as Under The Loom is one of the Good Spots--all kinds of chin props and sprawl supports. I've also acquired some delightful new books, thanks to Powell's and Interweave Press (thanks to Sarah!) and, of course, Amazon.

Additionally, I have an order of linen weaving string wending its way, courtesy of Webs. That is because of a Turkish embroidery I want to do--I've tried a whole bunch of different fabrics, and none of them work--so I have to weave my own, right? That way I can get the high threadcount/loose weave combination I need. Several things first, though--I need a bit more silk (from Halcyon Yarn) to finish up the last bit of the silk warp on my loom. And I need a warping board and a swift in order to set up the linen warp--the linen will not be even remotely as forgiving as the silk was.


Elmsley Rose said...

Hey! :-)

Good to see you.

Are those picots you've added?

I've *bought* Muriel Baker AND Muriel Best! (well, a friend bought them for me) - Best was 1/2 price at $50 at Amazon one day, and I asked for Baker at $6 while I was at it.
Lots of photographs to look at in Baker!
(Hope I've got the names the right way around).

Say hello to your puss-cat for me.
My two are getting lots of cuddles coz it's winter here.

Elmsley Rose said...

Your post was good ju-ju for me.
A few minutes later, the postman arrived with "Raised Embroidery"
by Ray/Barbara Hirst.

Do you have it?

I'm going to do an in-depth review of all 3 books - but it means I'll have to read every word of all three, whereas til now I've just skimmed.