Sunday, July 27, 2014

More Paintings

Here are the ones I didn't post last time, when the internet connection was uncooperative.

This one is kind of a memorial, inspired by my purple opuntia that recently finished giving up the ghost. (acrylic)

Another desert scene. (water soluble colored pencil + water brush)

OMG--straight lines and bilateral symmetry! No! (For whatever reason, the curve is MUCH worse in the photo.) The best part of this one is the association--inspired by a lovely afternoon in the teahouse at the Portland Classical Chinese Garden chatting with Stephanie Anderson Ladd. (If you are interested in the Sacred Feminine or Goddess archetypes, do check out her website!) (watercolor)

This one was inspired by the view from my hotel during the Complex Weavers Seminars--Mt. Rainier. The painting took a fraction of the time it took to do the last one, and is much more satisfying. It is not true to life, but the colors make me feel like I did looking at the mountain, though the photo shows as crazy more orange than the painting. (acrylic)

The mountain itself, in evening and morning guise:

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elmsley rose said...

Long live the Opuntia!
I particularly like the one done at the Mt Ranier convention, with the teapot.