Friday, June 1, 2012

Technical Revelation

Earlier this evening, I wandered over to peer idly at the boxes stacked in the living room, wondering what to do next. Last weekend, I switched the boxes and the loom, moving nothing more than three times to accomplish this feat. A large part of the reason for that exertion was an effort to fool myself into getting interested in sorting papers again: make it look radically different, because different is interesting to artist brain.

Idle contemplation zeroed in on the loom. I don't remember quite how I folded it up to move, but it involved a wrench. I drifted over to the loom and contemplated further.

I found myself contemplating the little brackets that hold the treadles. They can be pretty irritating, because one or the other will swing out to the side, thus dropping the treadle contraption loosely to the floor. Aggravating.

But lo, then I revelated.

The original owner put it together wrong.

The bracket that's on the right should be on the left, and vice versa. So obvious in hindsight, and what a simple fix to avoid future annoyance!

EDIT: I was wrong. The brackets are too far apart if they are switched. I was able to tighten them more than I expected, and will just have to pay closer attention in the future.

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