Friday, April 27, 2012

TAST 3: Feather Stitch

This post is timely; embroidery finished yesterday.

Feather stitch:

Bottom row - test samples.
Top row, left to right:
*spaced feather stitch would be a good border
*intertwined feather stitch would be good for plants (I have several books with embroidered gardens which are quite appealing, though I doubt they would assuage the gardening fever that hits hard every spring...somehow windowsill flowerpots aren't quite satisfactory)
*back-to-back straight feather stitch - probably could be a border, but it first made me think of a fish skeleton (vertebrae)
*closed feather stitch would be good for a palm tree trunk.

And because I've been missing her extra again the last few weeks, a bonus kitty picture of Princess happy in the sun last summer.

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Kim Switzer said...

Great progress on the TAST!

Sweet Princess Kitty...she loved those spots of sunshine, didn't she? :)