Sunday, July 31, 2011


Where has this summer gone? - or, where has it been? Because it just really finally got here. It's hard to be convinced by the calendar when the weather is cool and overcast.

At any rate, the weather has been almost completely like summer since last weekend, when I went on a hike:

(If you look at the large version, you can just barely make out one of the hawks that was circling around and around--one of the tall grasses points at it.)

Yesterday Princess had an excellent day.

And I finally got in gear and did some painting--two new in-process and one probably almost done practice piece from a while ago:

The pomegranate/seedpods are experiments in that one is going to be only colors, and the other is starting off with the black and white underpainting as per the workshop I took a couple of years ago. Initial notes: I "get" black and white. Instant color is fun. And I tend to either use very little or way too much Liquin (thinner).


Kim said...

I'm loving the pomegranates! Love that green background, especially. And Missy Princess Pants looks soooo cozy on that window sill in her spot of sunshine. Makes me want to find one of my own. :)

Phiala said...

I could ship you some degrees. It's been in the 90s here much of the summer, and even 105 one day, breaking the previous record for that day by 9 degrees. It was 116 in my driveway. I'd be happy to share.

I like the gray-scale painting particularly. Your shading is lovely. The seedpods look rather... Georgia O'Keeffe-ish.

Laura said...

I wouldn't mind some degrees. Up to 15 degrees, or even 20, depending on the day - it was CHILLY at the coast.

As for Georgia...I could paraphrase her and say that I don't know what you people are all on about; they are plants. ;)