Monday, May 23, 2011

Camera Captures Clever, Coordinated Kitty Cat Cuteness

(Excess verbiage to assuage alliterative affliction.)

Licking the damp bathtub is a pastime that gradually developed into a refined practice.

There are certain ways to have drinks. By last weekend, the pattern was developing thusly: drink out of bowl in kitchen (long spurned, recently returned to favor). Proceed to bathroom to drink out of favored water dish. Demand loudly of human to run bathtub. If human is present, demand loudly again that the water should have been left running for feline amusement, and then as feline water fountain. Exit bathtub and have another drink at favored water dish.

From the human's point of view, this was becoming a problem due to the extremely loud nature of the feline's requests, and the increasing frequency the feline felt it was necessary to have bathtub fountain, and the unfortunate earliness of certain requests. Demands.

Thus as of Sunday, Princess was "grounded" from the bathtub. She quickly caught on that noisiness did not help, even when the human was RIGHT THERE, and she made quiet, disgruntled entreaties which were very entertaining, and staked out the bathroom for long periods, hoping that the bathtub would be restored to service.


Elmsley Rose said...

One of mine (not to encourage Princess to spend more time in the bathtub) loves a marble put in the tub.

Endless sliding, shiny colour flashing up, and it makes a very satisfying 'clicking noise'.

My other cat's favourite toy is the "possum fur nipple warmers" that were given to me as a joke present for my 40th.

He adores fur, and tries to eat my fur trimmed cardigan whenever he can. So if he does his 'bored' meow, out comes one of the nipple warmers! They are holding up remarkable well to his chewing!

(Who needs a pet store for cat toys?)

All the best

Phiala said...

Oh, is blogger working again? It is!


Such poor service. See if you get a tip.

Morgan goes through sink-kitty phases. He'll follow me into the bathroom and jump into the sink, demanding that it be turned on so he can drink.

And get water all over the top of his little black head. Once he notices that part, the fun is over, but it takes a while.

Kim Switzer said...

Missy Princess Pants! What a great picture--nice catch. :)