Monday, March 9, 2009

On Weather, Reading and Painting

I am always writing blog posts in my head--it's a hazard of the lack of internet access at a time when I'm thinking of writing, or a lack of inclination and time when I'm online (which is at work). There is odd weather again today which disagrees with my sinuses--like yesterday, today is intermittently sunny, rainy, and snowy; yesterday included hail, and today had something that was somewhere between sleet and hail but more the consistency of miniature snowballs.

Wait! I have remembered. The other morning I found Princess picking out what she wants to read next. She must have finished all the books on the floor.

I myself am reading The Coptic Tapestry Album by Nancy Arthur Hoskins and, intermittently, Speiser's Manual of Braiding and also numerous novels. (Connie Willis: To Say Nothing of the Dog--go read it!)

On to the pictures. I have been thinking a lot about oil painting lately; it is a distinct pleasure to work on something that provides basically instant gratification! I'm not sure why oil paint has such a reputation of difficulty, because it is delightful to work with. Yesterday was the last class, and I missed it because I was completely unaware of the time change. I painted at home, though, so that's all right.


Unknown said...

To Say Nothing of the Dog is a wonderful book. I love Connie Willis.

Phiala said...

That's an easy one: people think oil painting is slow and complicated because they don't weave. No proper standard for comparison, you see.

Connie Willis is one of my favorites, particularly the Bellwether book, whose exact title I'm too lazy to look up. And also "Doomsday Book", which is excellent, and medieval, and HIGHLY depressing.

Yet more agreement: If I actually got all my post ideas posted, I'd be the most prolific blogger ever!