Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Sunday afternoon I finally got in gear. I cleaned all the arachnid detritus out from between the windows, and I cleaned off my project table. Then, in order to be able to put away the textile paints, I had to paint the fabric. Because of the expanse of empty table available, this was possible (amazing). Back in July I had this idea that it would be fun to have a new embroidery to work on during my trip to Florida, something like, say, a mermaid. Reason stepped in heavily, and I concluded that I didn't have time to start something else, and I wasn't going to have much time on the trip anyway.

The paints and cloth have been waiting since then, and now here she is:

Then, since there was paint left over, I painted this. It is hideous, but I like it anyway. Then, since I still had paint left over, I painted this: And then there was STILL paint left over, and I painted these.

Then I was really hungry and pretty tired of painting, so I did not use up the remaining bits of paint.

Notes on painting on fabric:

1. painting on colored cloth: thumbs up
2. I was reminded why gesso was invented--fabric is bumpy
3. This time, I will remember to iron the things BEFORE I wash them.


Phiala said...

Yay pretty! :)

Iron before you wash??? I'm confused. Or do you mean after you paint?

Grendel says he is going to starve to death if I don't feed him right now.

Laura said...

Paint item, let it dry, iron it to set the paint, then wash it to remove excess binder and make it less stiff to sew on.

The last time I painted something, I blithely rinsed it, gee, so much color is coming off, how strange. Oh, wait...

(Poor Grendel, I hope he survived!)

Elmsley Rose said...

I like your eye with the swirly bits!!