Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tiamat Grows Restive; Marduk Focuses Mainly on Other Things

Life Stuff.

Over the weekend I spread out some of the boxes from the Awful Pile. I'm afraid of it becoming something that has been there so long I don't see it. Now it's distributed over most of the floor of the living room half of the living room (as opposed to the half of the room full of boxes and a floor loom), ready for Initial Sorting & Redistribution. My cat approves of the alteration of the pile--it's now about level with the back of the futon--I found her reclining on it last night.

I made this sketch of Princess last fall. She is sitting in the Bed Time Now pose, which follows a bout of serious careening into my lower legs interspersed with Forceful Head Butts. If I don't go to bed soon enough, she collapses into a nap or just goes to bed without me.

Art-ish Stuff.

Monday I started the padding stitches for the seed pod on the white embroidery, after completing one more circuit of the background. Before I do more background, I realized, it would be a good idea to add the other Elements to my composition. Perhaps I'll do that tomorrow morning while I wait for my car to be repaired. It's has gotten to the point that there is not enough progress if I just work during my lunch break--ready to be DONE!

While I was doing it, one of the two people who has asked me about it (it's sort of a sociological experiment to see if anyone will notice; embroidery in the lunchroom of a high-tech company does not seem to attract notice like, say, naalbinding on the train)--anyway, she asked me what it was for. I had to tell her several times, with verbal capitalization, that it is a Sample!

Speaking of lunch, I believe I ought to go embroider now. I mean eat.

P.S for the last post: Armenian Embroidery (in Armenian with English summary)--it's in two parts; get both here
Armenian Lace (one page article by Nouvart Tashjian--citation information is on this page; you'll have to do a "find")

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Elmsley Rose said...

Hello :-)

My name is Megan, and I'm in Australia.

You mention Muriel Baker's Stumpwork book in one of your posts. I've been searching for information on what is in this book for ages!
And getting confused because a lady called Muriel Best also did a book called Stumpwork.

Could you possible tell me what is in the Baker book? I'd really really appreciate it.
If you click on my Elmsley Rose name you'll see that I do historical (mainly Elizabethan, although stumpwork was 17th C) work.

I can tell you all about Muriel Best's book in return (in fact, I talked about it a couple of posts ago).

Also - I love the piece in this post I'm attaching this comment to. Is that a needlelace rose?

I'm hitting "email follow-up comments to (me)" so if you answer here I'll get it.

You might also care to look at Celeste's Flickr stumpwork, at my Favourite Sites on my blog. She designed that purple Iris by herself.